BatchCall function class


  1. 1.
    web3 (required) - Web3 instance
  2. 2.
    contractAddress (required) - string Address of FactoryProxy contract
import { BatchCall } from "fct";
const batchCall = new BatchCall(web3, contractAddress);


Get all added transactions, which are ready to be signed.


const calls = batchCall.calls


Returns array with batchCall object:
  • typeHash - EIP-712 TypeHash
  • to - Call target address
  • ensHash - Hash of ENS Address. If ENS Address hasn't been provided, by default value will be 0xc5d2460186f7233c927e7db2dcc703c0e500b653ca82273b7bfad8045d85a470
  • value - Call ETH value
  • sessionId - Bytes string, that contains groupId, nonce, afterTimestamp, beforeTimestamp, gasLimit, maxGasPrice and flags.
  • signer - Address, who requests the call
  • functionSignature - Hashed method interface. If method and params haven't been provided, by default value is 0xc5d2460186f7233c927e7db2dcc703c0e500b653ca82273b7bfad8045d85a470
  • data - Encoded method and params. If method and params haven't been provided, value will be 0x
  • typedData - EIP-712 Typed Data object
  • encodedMessage - Encoded message
  • encodedTxMessage - Encoded only transaction part of message
  • inputData - Unedited input data


typeHash: '0x...',
to: '0xE2de2E31c2e78e5C6d4e91aE121a39f34ff49D4a',
ensHash: '0xc5d2460186f7233c927e7db2dcc703c0e500b653ca82273b7bfad8045d85a470',
value: 0,
sessionId: '0x00000100000000010000000000ffffffffff0000000000000005D21DBA0001',
signer: '0x08B7d04533DfAe2d72e693771b339FA6DF08635d',
functionSignature: '0xa9059cbb2ab09eb219583f4a59a5d0623ade346d962bcd4e46b11da047c9049b',
data: '0x...',
typedData: {...},
encodedMessage: '0x...',
encodedTxMessage: '0x....',
inputData: {...}
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