• value string - ETH Value in the call
  • to string - Call receiver's address
  • from string - Call sender's address


  • method string - Smart Contract function name
  • params Params[] - Smart Contract function parameters
  • gasLimit number - Gas limit of the call
  • toEnsHash string - Call receiver's ENS hash
  • validator Validator​
  • flow Flow - Rules of the call
  • jump number - If correct flow has been selected, skip next transactions X times
  • viewOnly boolean - If call is view only (ex. balanceOf)
interface MSCallInput {
value: string;
to: string;
from: string;
method?: string;
params?: Params[];
gasLimit?: number;
toEnsHash?: string;
validator?: Validator;
flow?: Flow;
jump?: number;
viewOnly?: boolean;
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