Future Conditional Transactions
FCTs change the game because they enable people to sign a transaction on the blockchain in advance, and automate the execution of that transaction according to a predefined condition. This enables connections between protocols that weren't possible before in the blockchain space.
FCTs operate according to if-then logic (such as “if greater than”, “if smaller than”, “when”, etc). The FCT is stored outside the blockchain and executed by a fully decentralized network of activators when its condition is met.
For example, a user can use an FCT to easily add a command that will sell x ETH for USDT at the moment ETH drops below y price. The operation will be automated, the cost affordable, and doable from any venue, regardless of the capabilities offered by that venue's smart contract.
FCTs combine the benefits of the on-chain transaction with the benefits of the smart contract, while also opening the door to a much more customizable and usable ecosystem.
On the traditional internet (Web2), many businesses have found success by empowering users to get the most out of prebuilt protocols by combining and enhancing them. Fintech in particular is an industry entirely based on making finance more convenient for the end user by automating and combining commands.
Blockchain has lagged behind in this respect, but FCT technology will change that.
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