Builders are the creators of FCTs.
They use our no-code toolkit to take the available protocols and build automated commands based on real-world events.
For example:
If total Ethereum volume > 4 million, and if ETH < $1,500, swap x USDT for ETH at Uniswap.
The number of possible combinations are enormous, and every time a developer adds a protocol, the number grows exponentially.
For example:
If ETH < $1,500, swap x USDT for ETH at Uniswap, and if a Bored Ape NFT's floor price < 1 ETH at OpenSea, buy that NFT with USDT.
A builder can use their FCT for themselves to enhance their Web3 experience, and they can also add them to the marketplace for users to take advantage of. Every time a user executes an FCT from the marketplace, the builder who created it will receive a share of that user's fee.
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