Smart contracts require an external trigger to work when a condition is met. Kirobo itself could do this, but then the system wouldn’t be decentralized. So we use community activators. Any user can become an activator by holding a certain amount of KIRO (Kirobo’s native utility token) in their Liquid Vault.
When a user’s FCT requires activation, an activator will be invited to send the trigger transaction. If they do this, they’ll receive a reward. The reward comes from the users themselves - FCTs require an activation stake to become active. This stake will be transferred to the activator when they activate their FCT.
In this way, we have created a decentralized ecosystem that will function and grow independently of Kirobo itself.
Builders and developers also earn from the system, because when an FCT is used, the smart contract will distribute a portion of the user's fees to the creators of that FCT option.
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