Kirobo's API library enables developers to integrate new protocols into the system, without the costs of creating, auditing and maintaining a smart contract.
By adding a protocol into the system - Bancor, for example - the developer enables a number of things.
  1. 1.
    Builders can now put Bancor-based conditions and activities into their FCTs. For example:
If ETH < $1,500, swap x USDT for ETH at Bancor.
When staking rewards at Bancor >$1,500, withdraw stake.
2. Builders can combine Bancor-based conditions and activities with those of other protocols. For example:
When ETH at Bancor > ETH at Uniswap, buy ETH at Uniswap and sell at Bancor
Or even:
If ETH < $1,500, before August 3rd, swap x DOGE for ETH at Bancor, and if ETH < $1,500, after August 3rd, swap x DOGE for ETH at Uniswap.
3. Whenever a user executes an FCT involving Bancor, the developer will receive a portion of the fees. In this way, a developer can use Kirobo to build their own business.
4. A developer connected with Bancor can use the system to provide additional services to Bancor users.
Developer tools
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