The Liquid Vault
This system requires a dedicated dashboard for users to create their FCTs. This dashboard is provided through the Liquid Vault.
The Liquid Vault is Kirobo’s native on-chain wallet. It has all the functions you’d expect from a non-custodial wallet - send, receive, transaction history, etc. - but it’s also a DeFi services platform designed to expand as the roadmap progresses.
The Liquid Vault protects user assets with its core security features, connects users to external dapps, and empowers them to improve existing dapps and even create new ones.
A Liquid Vault is created by connecting an Ethereum-compatible wallet to the app and creating a version unique to that user. Once a vault has been created, this wallet becomes the access point to the vault. Its built-in features already set it apart from other wallets, a gap that will only grow as the feature roadmap progresses - and that’s without the solutions that builders will make themselves.
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