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If crypto users could build their own smart transaction scripts, they would no longer have to rely only on the choices offered by Web3 protocols. They would be able to get more utility out of the blockchain ecosystem by automating and combining services. In addition, user-level conditional transaction building could create a marketplace of services for community use, marking a fundamental change in the way blockchain technology is used.
Kirobo proposes a smart transaction builder and marketplace that empowers people to build their own smart transactions at the blockchain level, with no coding ability needed. This new layer is a solution to the high cost and time consumption needed to build solutions, enabling the creation of services usually only offered by centralized bodies, and thus a more personalized and effective user experience.

What we do

Kirobo provides a no-code toolkit that empowers people to make smart transactions (if-then commands) at the blockchain level, with no coding ability needed. This means that they can sign transactions in advance, and they'll execute automatically upon a predefined condition being met.
They will also be able to create conditional transaction packages and add them to the marketplace, gaining income whenever someone else uses them.
All these service are decentralized and provided via the Liquid Vault, Kirobo's native on-chain wallet and DeFi services platform.
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