Software Development Kit


The SDK covers all aspects of the web3 development stack, implementing custom logic, interacting with the blockchain and smart contracts, decentralized storage, and more; enabling you to build scalable and performant web3 applications on any supported blockchain/Layer-2, using the FCT infrastructure.
The SDK (Software Development Kit) can provide a number of advantages where the Visual Builder can't support certain capabilities of Future Conditional Transactions (FCT). With the SDK, it's possible to fully express the capabilities of FCT and take advantage of the FCT infrastructure.
1. The ability to determine recurring transactions with a cooling period between transactions. This feature allows for the creation of transactions on the blockchain, such as subscriptions to online services, from the user's wallet.
2. The ability to lock/unlock a certain amount if specified conditions are met. This feature can be used to create put or call options and provide a guarantee.
3. The ability to create a multi-layer Multi-signature. This feature allows the user to hold a large amount of funds without any restrictions while still being able to give different permissions to different wallets.

For example:

1. Two different wallets can sign and take $10,000 every month for x months.
2. A specific wallet can take all the money for each operation provided that the product returns to the original wallet (for example, the owner allows someone else to manage his portfolio and provide liquidity in Uniswap, in this case the user does not need the owner's permission because the funds returns to the owner's wallet).
3. Anyone can take all the money from the owner's wallet, but only for the purpose of flash long and on the condition that he returns in the same transaction
4. A portfolio manager can carry out any transaction provided that it is carried out through a predefined wallet (copy trading).
5. The ability to create P2P transactions to a known address. This feature allows for OTC trades, where a user can send ETH to a specific address and receive USDC in return.
6. The ability to create P2P transactions to an unknown address. This feature allows for the user to create a transaction in which they send a specific NFT to any address, provided that the address withdraws an amount equal to 10,000 dollars in one of the following currencies (ETH, USDC, DAI).
Overall, using the SDK allows for more advanced capabilities and flexibility when working with FCT, compared to using the Visual Builder.