FCT Language

FCTL is a high level language that runs on-chain, at the transaction level.
It can be written as a standard typed message (EIP712 v4), in a human friendly format, so the end-user has full transparency.
It has variables, return values from calls, conditions and flow control.
It is not turing-complete by design.
The FCT's platform contracts transcode FCTL messages on-chain, in real-time, to a runnable EVM code.
FCTL holds one or more calls that runs as an atomic native transaction.
FCTL also extends standard transactions by enabling: time-framed calls, ability to block/unblock signed transactions, multiple senders, build-in multisig, recurring transactions with rate limiter, etc.
The FCT ecosystem consist of builders (aka developers), executors (aka miners) and users.
FCTL currently runs on Kirobo's liquid vault, still it is able to run on any contract that implements the FCT_Runner interface.
FCTL eliminates the need to write smart contracts in order to create dapps that combines existing protocols or adds new capabilities to a specific protocol (e.g stop-loss for staking)