FCTs are Fast. Capable. Trustworthy. Scalable.
Kirobos FCT operates on the FCT smart contract architecture which is underpinned and processed by a decentralized network of activators. Activators process individual FCTs and are financially rewarded in the process.
The FCT ecosystem consists of core smart contracts, getters, runners, activators, and background tokenomics. math, actions and helpers.
Replacing most specialized smart contracts
Fast development time, automation and functionality that rivals web2 products and services have been mostly absent from web3 applications that run on public blockchains. The reason for this lack of automation and slow development lies in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) itself.
Smart contracts are limited to storing state and logic. The limited upgradability of smart contracts is not a bug, it's an important feature. It gives users the confidence that the logic will never change. Therefore, smart contracts take a long time and require audits before they can be deployed; preventing dapps from responding to user and market needs.
the FCT platform solves this problem.
Fully featured web3 products
Over time, FCT will have the technological capabilities for web3 products and services to create fully featured decentralized products and services requested from the market.
FTC`s operate according to an ‘if-then’ validation logic. The ‘if’ component is data, both on-chain and off-chain (with the help of oracles), such as the presence of specific NFTs, time stamps, and so on. The ‘then’ component could be executions on DEXs, NFT marketplaces, on-chain transactions, etc. Automation and conditioning - FCTs enable users to initiate future activities, set in advance and automate their execution on the blockchain according to a predefined condition. This framework allows users to pre-plan activities without needing hands-on execution in real-time. For example, a user can use an FCT to easily add a command that will sell ‘x’ ETH for USDT at the moment ETH drops below ‘y’ price. The operation will be automated, the cost affordable, and doable from any venue, regardless of the capabilities offered by that venue's Smart Contract.
  • Creating FCTs doesn’t require Solidity coding knowledge.
  • FCTs are activated by a set of decentralized activators.
  • Cross-protocol connectivity - FCT execution can be based on several different protocols, all in one simultaneous or consecutive action.
  • Liquidity of the user’s funds - FCTs can be created with reference to the user’s funds in the Liquid Vault (see below) without the need to transfer or lock them.